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Parallel Dimensions

Once, I walked into an area in Texas where I had never before set foot. It was a long time ago, just an apartment complex. Nothing special. But the minute I stepped across the lawn, the instant strong feeling of recognition stopped me in my tracks. I literally couldn’t move.

I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, trying to get a grip on what was happening. The complex was a maze of buildings, and from where I stood, the range of numbers that marked each section weren’t visible. Didn’t matter. I walked right up to where I needed to go, as if I’d been there a thousand times before.

The experience haunted me. It was like peeking over the edge of a memory that wouldn’t come in to full focus.

After a while, I did what most people do in these situations and chalked up the incident to déjà vu…

Flash forward—
Let’s think about this. If you look up the word déjà vu in the dictionary, you’ll find an explanation that refers to the illusion of a past experience which is actually occurring for the first timeSo, scratch the déjà vu theory. I knew right where I was headed. Then there’s the reincarnation scenario—a story I’ll share another day, but I’ll address the gist of it now: Nope. Because the building was new, and I had been around a tad longer.

The only explanation left to me was, I had actually walked the same path before. On a different level of existence. There are so many theories on parallel dimensions; it’s difficult to wrap your brain around just one. What I have read leads me to believe that Einstein, whose psychic experiences are well documented, approached the subject of parallel dimensions as matter versus reality. If your mind likes to wander down the quantum trail, here’s an interesting link (note this scientific approach also refers to “illusions”): Message to Eagle.

I tend to approach the idea of different (or parallel) dimensions from the spiritual side. This particular experience has followed me through the years, maturing. A gift of insight. I believe that when we leave here our souls—the heart of what we are—move on. And I sometimes wonder if “moving on” leads us to a place which exists slightly out of step from the world we now know. In theory, there may be several levels of that alternate world, like stairs needing to be climbed until we reach the place where we were always meant to go. A level of understanding, I suppose. 

Until we pass, we won’t really know for sure, but, being the curious sort, I like to ponder.

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Sarah Stuart
Sarah Stuart
5 years ago

Fascinating ideas, but please stick around. We’d miss you if all we got were spooky “messages” from beyond the grave.