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Lost Souls

Lost Souls

Book 2: The Lost Trilogy

Chanticleer Int’l Award Finalist 
in Paranormal Fiction

Sleep is no cure for a nightmare…

After reeling from the backlash of decades-old murders, the residents of Dawson Mills, Tennessee are more than ready to put the nightmare behind them. But when the bodies of two men are found at the edge of the woods, their faces impossibly twisted and mouths wide open on a scream, reporter Toni Harper knows the trouble is just beginning. The sheriff’s men have missed a crucial piece of evidence. A simple revelation coiled up right under their noses, waiting for lighting to strike.

The hunt for answers leads Toni to a sinister world where the present rides parallel with a gruesome past. Shadows begin stalking her. Visions and chilling dreams haunt her. At the heart of the darkness an ancient evil waits. Sly, calculating. Hungry.

Can she destroy the devil-thing that has a taste for her? Or will she soon join countless lost souls in an eternal death?

Thrust into a wicked paranormal realm, Toni races against the clock, immersed in the shadowed mysteries of the occult. Her only hope of survival rests with the ghost of a long-dead witch.

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What Readers Are Saying...

“I’ve always loved the chill of an eerie ghost story, especially if there’s a demonic presence involved, and this one certainly hits the mark. The characters are believable, not simply one-dimensional, so you’re drawn along with them into the unfolding nightmare. As you travel deeper and deeper into the mystery, the pace quickens like a runaway heartbeat. If you’re a fan of the paranormal, this is a read well worth your time.”

– Amazon Reviewer

“Anne Francis Scott is an accomplished author, taking readers into a world which is scary at best but terrifying when the time period is considered. We’re not looking here at a misty 17th century London, or Bavaria, this is modern day USA.

When the good guys are joining forces (on several levels), there is a sense of tension as one or two have to accept what it is they’re dealing with.The antagonist isn’t carrying a gun or blowing people up, but he is a shady character in the worst possible way. Henchmen are involved, as would be expected and they come out of the woodwork as the mystery deepens and the suspense builds. If you like that whisper in the wind, or that unexplained voice creeping inside your head, you’ll love this story.”

– Amazon Reviewer

“Be prepared to lose yourself in an amazingly descriptive paranormal story. There is danger, threats, looming darkness, mystery, and the testing of bonds and friendships as people are forced to accept and view things they never could have imagined.”

– Readers’ Favorite Book Reviewer