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From the Writing Loft | Audiobook News

First let me say a big thanks to the readers who’ve contacted me on social media, through email, and via the Contact page here on my website. I’m overwhelmed at the responses to my writing. I love that you love the paranormal stories I somehow manage to pull from my brain and get onto the page. Again—thank you! Where I’m…

Lost Time Update | Life in the Indie Lane

This year has been what I call “crazy-busy.” Lost Time has seen not one, not two, but THREE incarnations! When I published the second book in the trilogy, Lost Time had made it to round one of the editing stages. We were on track for an early fall publication. Then life happened — in spades.   Long story short, due to…

Parallel Dimensions

Once, I walked into an area in Texas where I had never before set foot. It was a long time ago, just an apartment complex. Nothing special. But the minute I stepped across the lawn, the instant strong feeling of recognition stopped me in my tracks. I literally couldn’t move. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, trying…

Seasons Greetings and Holiday Reads

Long before I wrote the first story, I read. Constantly. I was one of those kids who always had her nose stuck in a book. My favorite spot for indulging my passion was a patch of ground beneath a tall pine tree in a section of woods not far from where I lived. Even now when I close my eyes,…

Dead and Breakfast Inn

Most of us believe there is some existence after we leave this life. Over the years, my otherworldly encounters have shown me a place which exists parallel to our own reality, a realm where our souls continue on until we are spiritually ready to go home. My main goal for starting this blog is to share some of those personal paranormal…