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About Anne

People ask why I write what I write. Why go down the woo-woo trail with the paranormal mysteries? The answer is simple, and, I suppose, complex.

I’ve always been drawn to haunted houses, ancient cemeteries, and situations that occur outside the realm of what we accept as logic. This might seem weird to some, but for me, those paths are a part of everyday life. Since I came out of the paranormal closet a while back, I don’t mind sharing some of those “paths” here.

My mother was a strong psychic, mostly precognition and visions. She passed those abilities – and then some – on to me. I have vivid memories of a time when, even before I could walk or speak anything other than gibberish, what you’d call the pre-toddler stage, I would look at my mother and know the gist of what was on her mind.
And she knew that I knew.

Sometimes this knowing about certain things hits me from out of the blue. Other times the visions come. The visions are akin to having a scene flash before my eyes, followed by the understanding of what I just witnessed, even though the particular event probably hasn’t happened yet.

Then there are the ghosts. Yes, I believe in ghosts, because I’ve seen them, heard them, and have shared a house with them.

Speaking of visitors from the other side… Whenever I catch shadowed movement from the corner of my eye, my hubby slants a look in my direction. He’s curious – and a bit wary – but accepts me for who I am, and he has been a constant rock of support in my writing endeavors. For that, I am truly blessed.

My readers are another blessing. Without them, stories are nothing but lonely words strung across the pages. Thank you so much for investing your time with me!

As for the future, the psychic world will stay at the heart of my stories, giving me the chance to take you to an otherworldly place and leave you there for a while. I hope that journey is a good one…

As always, thanks for reading,