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Welcome to my paranormal corner of the ‘Net

If you enjoy reading paranormal mysteries, or ghost stories with a touch of creepy, you’ve landed on the right space!

There are always grains of truth sprinkled throughout my fictional world—the stories behind the stories. You can read about what makes that world click for me here. And if you’d like to follow the trail, head over to my Blog & News page where you’ll find the occasional post about my personal ventures into the otherworldly side of life.

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Readers’ Favorite Award Finalist in Paranormal Fiction

Lost Girl

Book One: The Lost Trilogy

Secrets can eat you up from the inside out…

Renowned sculptor Allison Weathers doesn’t believe in ghosts, but when a tragic twist of fate leads her to the small mountain town of Dawson Mills, Tennessee, she soon learns that the dead don’t always stay silent.

Shadows begin to shift in the rambling, old Victorian farmhouse she’s purchased. Voices come from nowhere. She can feel the eyes on her. Paul Bradford, a contractor bidding the renovation work on the house, believes there’s more to the paranormal activity than Allison’s imagination. Local reporter Toni Harper concurs. She’s heard snippets of hand-over-the-mouth gossip from some of the town’s deputies who responded to calls in the middle of the night. Ghosts. Or so the former owner claimed in the few months before his death.

The secrets they unearth rock Allison right down to the core. Thrust into a haunted world where the paranormal and evil collide, she has one hope of survival: unravel the sinister history buried for decades within the old farmhouse and find the link to a muddled piece of her past.

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Lost Girl

Also Available

Lost Souls

Book Two: The Lost Trilogy

Sleep is no cure for a nightmare…

After reeling from the backlash of decades-old murders, the residents of Dawson Mills, Tennessee are more than ready to put the nightmare behind them. But when the bodies of two men are found at the edge of the woods, their faces impossibly twisted, and mouths wide open on a scream, reporter Toni Harper knows the trouble is just beginning. The sheriff’s men have missed a crucial piece of evidence. A simple revelation coiled up right under their noses, waiting for lighting to strike.

The hunt for answers leads Toni to a sinister world where the present rides parallel with a gruesome past. Shadows begin stalking her. Visions and chilling dreams haunt her. At the heart of the darkness, an ancient evil waits. Sly, calculating. Hungry.

Can she destroy the devil-thing that has a taste for her? Or will she soon join countless lost souls in an eternal death?

Thrust into a wicked paranormal realm, Toni races against the clock, immersed in the shadowed mysteries of the occult. Her only hope of survival rests with the ghost of a long-dead witch.

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